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Countdown to Race Weekend
October 7th and 8th, 2017


From the Runner's Experience:

- First I want to say that I finished my very first 5km race - ever....and ran the whole way.

- What an awesome experience - everyone was so helpful.

- First of all I would like to thank you for a wonderful event. It was my first half marathon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course was incredible and the atmosphere was sensational. Very well done.

- Just wanted to say what a FANTASTIC!!!! race last weekend. This was my very first full
Marathon and what a great event it was. Oh, and hilly, very hilly.

- The course was wonderful, very scenic, lots of porta potties available, the volunteers friendly and enthusiastic (although one young boy could not for the life of him understand why we stopped to take pictures at the 10k sign, weren’t we supposed to be racing?)

- Even though I thanked the volunteers along the course as much as I could, if any are reading
here – THANK YOU!

- Thank you for hosting such a terrific event. It was a very well organized race, right down to
perfect running weather.

- I just wanted to say what a wonderful event this was. From this runner's perspective, it was
so well-organized and most of all - fun! Thanks for the amazing swag - the race t-shirt was
definitely one of the best I've received yet!

- I'll be back next year!

- I was totally impressed with every aspect of the race week-end that I experienced.
Some of the reasons:

  1. It was on short notice that I who live in Ontario learned that I would be in NS. How lucky
    can anyone get to be able to sign up late and have a race kit waiting.
  2. Not only was my kit there but there was a shirt in it!
  3. The shirt was not my size but what a win. I could trade it for a shirt from a previous year
    that fit perfect!
  4. I could start early. I was running the half and run slow. I had a time constraint to be at a family Turkey dinner at noon and a wedding at three. The flexibility of me being able to start early had a double bonus. Not only did it enable me to meet my commitments but it provided me the pleasure of crossing the finish line with others. Normally I am last in races so five minutes after the start of a race I am alone on the course. This bonus of being with people as they passed me on the course was wonderful.
  5. The medal was excellent.
  6. I love the route !
  7. Water stops were well spaced.
  8. There were only positive volunteers ever where I looked.
  9. The public was positive there were smiles and nods from drivers to pedestrians on the
  10. Many speedy runners as they passed my slow plodding along form sang out words of

I think you get the picture; I had a wonderful experience.

- It was a great event, as always. This was my 4th time at your event and it is always amazing.
Lots of special touches. I can't even being to imagine how much work goes into it. Congrats
and thank you!

- Thank-you for all of your hard work for this past Valley Harvest Marathon.

- I was a runner, and was so pleased with how smooth everything went.

- I particularly liked how it started at the track, as there were washrooms, warm up areas and
easy spectator seating for the beginning.

- Thank-you again. I had such a great experience.

- Fantastic race! Great job. It was all perfectly run!

- You guys/gals rocked it! I love this event and appreciate all the effort that goes into
organizing it. thank you so much for all you do.

- Thanks so much for all of the hard work and dedication you and your team put into this event. It was awesome and all of from Truro who participated loved it! It was an awesome
weekend....we had a super great time!

- Just wanted to say how well organized and accommodating this event is for all participants!
From the volunteers (especially the water stations in the sometimes chilly weather), organizers and fantastic swag in the kits, I’ve run two Valley Halfs and four Valley Fulls and have never been disappointed. Kudos to you and your folks! Thank you for a great job! I know a lot of runners and have never heard a discouraging word about this race!

- Exceptional event

- I have been a participant in the Valley Harvest Marathon for the past two years. Great event that seems to really be taking off. Congrats on your success. :)

- I want to thank you both, and all your volunteers for putting out such a great event! It's
definitely a highlight of the racing season.

Hope to see you back in 2017